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Sound Desk Process SJC

Please follow these steps to use the sound desk in SJC

Step 1

Turn on the power sockets by the Sound Desk (back left corner as you enter the room from the stairs). Turn on the tablet on top of the rack and open the Mixing Station App.

Step 2

Tap on the X32/M32 option in the Music Tribe column of the app.

Step 3

Tap on the Search option

Step 4

Select the X32RACK option

Step 5

You should now be in the mixing console for the sound desk in the app

The first four columns control the wireless microphones, these are muted by default but can be turned on by pressing the Power button on the microphone and the Mute button on the Mixing Console.

The next two columns are linked to each other and control DVD volume, the final two columns control the volume from the 3.5mm jack that is available to be plugged into phones, tablets, or computers.

You shouldn't need to use any other controls beside the volume sliders.

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